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Our farm is a place where time stops, and one finds themselves lost in the delicate beauty around them. Turning our field into a place of refuge from the world and sharing the fruits of our labor with those around us is what we are passionate about and we want you to feel at home here. We grow everything organically from seed and enjoy the entire process as much as the harvest.  We are finding renewal for our hearts as we take root into something deeper and more meaningful than ourselves, and we hope that our story would encourage you to find this as well.


Meet the Farmers

We are Todd & Kim Putren, North Idaho residents for 18 years and owners of Taking Root Flower Farm. Together we are slowly cultivating our three acre farm into a peaceful refuge to enjoy and share with others. 


While homeschooling our 4 kids for 13 years, and dabbling in gardening, I found myself more and more drawn to enjoying the space and rest that I found outside. Todd has worked as an RN in hospital leadership for most of his career, but we have both always enjoyed working on outdoor projects together in our 'free time'.   In 2020, we established Taking Root Flower Farm and took a step out in faith to steward the land we've been given while trusting the outcome to God.

We love the challenge of a new project, enjoy working hard, and most importantly love spending time together.  I'm more of the dreamer and planner, while Todd is the get-the-job-done guy around here.  Through much laughter, sarcasm, and countless mistakes, we make a great team.  Our favorite date nights are those spent out in the field.


In recent years, I have also stepped into the role of caretaker for my mom who lives with us and is walking the road of dementia. Caretaking definitely ebbs and flows as different needs arise, but overall I am finding myself more and more tied to staying home with her.  The flower farm and gardens provide a place for my mind to rest and seek God for wisdom in all things and just contemplating life in general.   Being surrounded by flowers is one of my moms greatest joys as well and in this season of caretaking is one of several reasons we decided to establish the farm.   As an introvert, the flower field has become a true refuge for me where I find so much peace in my time spent out there. Focusing on God’s beauty has turned out to be the best medicine for a disease that seeks to strip it all away. 


Together, we are living out our best days here as we seek to balance a life and love of Jesus, family, hard work, serving others, and spreading joy in our community through the gift of flowers. We continue to watch in amazement how God has orchestrated the simple plans we've made into His very own masterpiece that we could never have created on our own.

"Sharing the Hope we have in Jesus through Flowers."

The Flower Farm

The farm spans three acres and is conveniently located in Dalton Gardens, just 15 minutes from downtown Coeur d’Alene. Nestled near the base of Canfield Mountain, the farm is a little slice of refuge away from the city life and boasts gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, bright open skies, and beautiful mountain views. The field hosts two large high-tunnel greenhouses, a pumpkin patch, and well over 200 flower varieties. The farm is dedicated to producing high-quality, organically grown, and pesticide-free flowers and pumpkins and grows an impressive amount of both on a small portion of land by focusing on matters like soil fertility, plant health, and succession planting. 


During the growing season, the flowers are typically harvested fresh each day, sometimes multiple times a day to ensure the best temperature survivability, and are housed in a walk-in cooler to ensure peak freshness upon pickup or delivery. The growing season begins in April with daffodils and tulips and ends in late October with pumpkins and dahlias, and the short growing season for North Idaho still produces a lot of magic in between. To find out more about our flower offerings please visit our shop.

Taking Root. Finding Refuge. Planting Seeds.
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