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What's Happening On The Farm - Nov 2023

As we head into our 4th season, the outside farm tasks are becoming more routine. Still very labor intensive, but predictable and clear. There's always more to do than it seems we have days for (like sorting hundreds of dahlia tubers!), but we're getting better at prioritizing the correct things and letting the others go until spring.


Inside, we're working on getting organized with all of the behind-the-scene tasks that have proven to be a bit more difficult to bring order to. Waiting on the Lord to direct our steps has been pivotal in helping give clarity where our energy needs to be spent moving forward.


2023 was the season of clarity for us and we're excited to be spending the winter getting things more streamlined on the farm moving forward. A few goals of ours are getting better communication processes in place, hiring some help in a couple key areas of production on the farm, more flowers available and on hand to head out the door for both the farm stand and last minute orders, and more ways for you to experience the farm in person.


We're so confident that our 2024 season is going to be beautiful in so many ways for our growing farm. This is truly a seed planting ministry for us, and while it has been quite the journey to get to this point, we've consistently felt encouraged that we're on the right path. God has been teaching us a lot about sacrifice and perseverance lately, and we're seeing His hand more and more in what He's creating here. Whether you're new to the farm, or have faithfully stuck around to watch us grow, we can't wait to invite you in to our 2024 season and walk this path together!


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